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Team Building

Make your Meeting Pop

At the Hyatt Centric Dublin, we have examined the changing needs of our clients and have recently established new team bonding partnerships. There are various activities to choose from listed below. Take a look and help your team get to know each other while having fun!

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The Rebel Liberties Walking Tour

Take a 2-hour walking tour of our neighbourhood and learn all about The Liberties Village immersed in unique history. The Rebel Liberties’ Tour covers the revolutionary history of the Liberties from 1798 – 1924 and ‘Women of the
Irish Revolution’ which tells the stories of some of the women, both well-known and not so well known, who played their part in the fight for Irish freedom with Liz Gilles Author, Historian, Researcher and Lecturer and Liberties Local.

Whiskey Tasting with Teelings

Select whiskey tasting with Teelings choose from a range of whiskeys with informative and amusing experts from our local distillery.
Heritage and whiskey in conjunction with The Teeling Distillery, this award-winning distillery provides the perfect ice breaker for you and your team.

Teelings Whiskey Distillery
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Cocktail Making Classes

Looking for a fun cocktail making class in your own private space we cater in house for groups of 10 to 20 people in a semi private space, giving you the chance to mix up classic and modern cocktails while having a few laughs & learnings with your team under the guidance of our Head Mixologist.

Movie Making

Are you ready for your close-up?
You can film, script and act in your own full scale commercial production. This collaborative event calls on participants to form effective teams, communicate, collaborate, and generate ideas as a unit. It is an opportunity to delve into the creative world and allow guests to become the actor/actress they’ve always wanted to be! We supply full production cameras, costumes, props, a technician, acting classes and a mobile editing suite.

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Code Breaking

This is all about effective working relationships and problem solving, individuals must become teams if they want to be victorious. Teams are given a selection of locked boxes and props. They must communicate, manage, problem solve and collaborate to crack the codes in time. Each solution will lead to another puzzle until all are solved and the winning team can unlock the safe, creating a franticly energetic atmosphere with an epic finale.

Dublin City Digital Treasure Hunt

The streets are your playground for this team event. The aim of the game is to get out and about to explore, learn and compete against other teams in our unique and interactive Urban Adventure programme. Dynamic Events will come armed with IPads, this team building experience has an interactive twist. Teams work together to locate hotspots, unlock challenges, answer questions, earn points and climb the scoreboard before time runs out.

Grafton Street

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